1. Sundowners
    Tango Nectar Bravo

  2. Live at The Mercury Paw 8/24/98
    Hall Of Fame

  3. Model Songs
    Jim McHugh

  4. Brave Rats

  5. R/W volume 8 : DE∆D-LOOP
    Tim Barnes

  6. 3 Characters
    Sunwatchers and Eugene Chadbourne

  7. Gospel of Mars
    Gospel of Mars

  8. First House
    Arthur Doyle and His New Quiet Screamers

  9. A tribute
    The Lloyd Pack

  10. R/W volume 7 : Primordial Forms
    Nick Forté

  11. R/W volume 6 : Golden Ratio
    M. Dwinell

  12. SUS

  13. Chroma Colossus: 13 Visions of the City
    Charles Waters Quartet

  14. R/W volume 5 : Beside / College View
    Mike Shiflet / Pete Swanson

  15. R/W volume 4 : Movements in Marble and Stone
    Greg Kowalsky with Jozef Van Wissem

  16. Land Lines
    Starving Weirdoes

    Ben Vida / Keith Fullerton Whitman

  18. Golden Trees
    Metal Mountains

  19. Mauser ok EP

  20. R/W volume 2 : Standing Still, Facing Forward
    Ensemble Economique

    Bird Show Band

  22. R/W volume 1 : Improvements
    Son of Earth

  23. Tenebrae
    Theo Angell

  24. Are Invisible
    The Oranges Band

  25. Beyonder
    Black Taj

  26. Sun Wheel
    Mike Wexler

  27. Music From the Sherman Box Series and Other Works
    P.G. Six

  28. Dearly Beloved
    Theo Angell

  29. And to the disciples that remain
    Amish Records

  30. Second Guessing
    Oakley Hall

  31. Black Taj
    Black Taj

  32. The World and Everything In It
    The Oranges Band

  33. The Well of Memory
    P.G. Six

  34. Carry Me Over
    Dan Matz

  35. All Around
    The Oranges Band

  36. On TV
    The Oranges Band

  37. Inner Boroughs
    Dan Brown

  38. Parlor Tricks and Porch Favorites
    P.G. Six

  39. Sprießwärtsdrall

  40. Ballad / Jazz / Waltz
    Roads to Space Travel

  41. Solo Guitar

  42. First Came Love, Then Came The Tree
    Hall Of Fame

  43. Coliseum Rising single
    Hall Of Fame

  44. Jacques Offenbach's Opera Efforts
    Azusa Plane

  45. Roads To Space Travel
    Roads to Space Travel

  46. Hall of Fame
    Hall Of Fame

  47. black mono time


Amish Records New York

Brooklyn based recording label operating in musical fringes of avant rock, outsider folk, free jazz, experimental electronic and minimalist drone since 1994.

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